Our truffière, or truffle farm, is located in Riwaka, New Zealand. Riwaka is in the Tasman District situated at the top of the South Island. Riwaka is famous for growing hops and the Riwaka pub. And now truffles.

The truffière contains 2200 inoculated oak and hazel trees. The trees were planted between 2008 and 2009. There is a lot of work to maintain the trees and land throughout the year, from ensuring adequate irrigation to pruning, mowing, testing and conditioning the soil, playing on tractors, playing on mowers, eating all the fallen hazelnuts and so on!

Production of truffles

We began finding truffles in the winter of 2016. Let's just say it was a pretty above-average winter for us that year! 


Hunting for truffles

During the winter truffle season - which varies from year to year but us generally falls between May and August, we run scheduled truffle hunts throughout every week. These involve heading out with our specially trained truffle dogs to sniff out and dig up our whiffy little friends.


The excitement that builds inside you hearing the dogs barking and indicating on a spot on the ground, then smelling the powerful aroma and slowly unearthing these nuggety little balls is thrilling! 


A truffle hunt is a truly memorable experience that we hope to be able to offer the public soon, so watch this space!​

Rosie the truffle dog hunting for truffles

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