Our Truffière

Our truffière, or truffle farm, is located in Riwaka, New Zealand. Riwaka is a landscape of flavour. Pears, apples, and kiwifruit; grow together with aromatic valleys of hops that you can taste in local craft beer at the Riwaka Pub. This region is also the ideal growing environment for Black Perigord Truffles. With the idyllic mix of mild climate and rich soil, these truffles thrive.
Misty view of truffiere

Truffle Production


The year the first trees in our Truffière were planted


The year of our first harvest


The number of inoculated oak and hazel trees in our truffière today
There is a lot of work to maintain the trees and land throughout the year, from ensuring adequate irrigation to pruning, mowing, testing and conditioning the soil, playing on tractors, playing on mowers, and gathering some of the fallen hazelnuts too.
About us
Two truffle dogs

Harvesting truffles

During the Winter truffle season (which varies from year to year but for us generally falls between May and August) we harvest truffles early in the week with our specially trained truffle dogs who sniff out and dig up our whiffy little friends. The anticipation that builds inside you seeing the dogs pawing at the ground to indicate a spot, then smelling the powerful aroma and slowly unearthing these nuggety little balls is thrilling!


Here at George’s Truffles we follow an industry-set grading system and this helps determine the price on a per gram basis. Truffles that are found during our truffle harvests are cleaned, inspected, graded and priced according to this system, before making their way to your home kitchens.
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