At George’s Truffles we take great care with the harvesting, cleaning and packaging of our truffles. Unfortunately, once we have delivered the order to the courier we take no further responsibility for the delivery.

Truffles are highly perishable and therefore we are unable to refund your purchase. If on receipt of your truffle you are not satisfied then please email immediately explaining the concern and provide a photo/photos which clearly show the issue.

Returns and refunds

We have a target of 48 hours from the truffle being harvested to being in the hands of the courier, on its way to your front door. We use an overnight courier service to deliver your fresh truffle to your doorstep, however we cannot guarantee delivery timeframes once in the hands of the courier.

It is essential that your truffle is immediately refrigerated so we recommend that someone is home when delivery is made.

We provide tips to ensure the best-continued care of the truffle and to maximise the duration of freshness. From then on it is up to you how you choose to enjoy these beautifully delightful, nuggety little lumps of natural goodness.
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