Sourcing George's Truffles.

The New Zealand Black Périgord truffle season runs for three months sometime between May-August every year - when exactly it starts and ends varies from year to year.
During the season, we deliver to our Auckland and Wellington clients twice a week. We have a target of 48 hours from the truffle being harvested to being in the restaurant kitchen to ensure optimum freshness on delivery.

We work with you to ensure everyone is clear on the best continued care of the truffle to maximize the duration of freshness - from then on it is up to you how you choose to enjoy these beautifully delightful, nuggety little lumps of natural goodness.
Here at George's Truffles we follow an industry-set grading system that determines the pricing structure on a per gram basis. Truffles that are found during our truffle hunts are cleaned, inspected, graded and priced according to this system, then chosen in person by our restaurant and hospitality clients without needing to leave the kitchen. Read a detailed description of our grading standards here.
How to secure your order / sourcing for special events. 
George's Truffles have an existing client base that we will always supply to preferentially. However we welcome all new restaurant/hospitality customers. Do contact George about coming on board. Note, if you have a particular event (or series of events) you wish to plan, George can help with that too. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

*Note: Truffles are grown and harvested seasonally and therefore weather conditions can affect or limit production as well as occasionally impact our scheduled truffle hunts.

Special event venue.
We also have a brand new, amazing venue now at the Truffle Orchard in Riwaka, which can be used for special events that you may wish to host. The kitchen has been set up to face the dining area which is in the centre of a large open space (6m wide and 16m long) with fabulous views. The kitchen has a commercial bent to it with 2 gas ovens and large gas hob and good refrigeration capacity. It can easily seat 50 for a food event. If you have any ideas on how you could use such a weekend or weekday opportunity at the truffière, do contact George. He will look at providing some support for any special events you may have in mind around Truffles.


Weekend Truffle Hunts. 
We are also looking into weekend Truffle Hunts incorporating other Tasman weekend experiences for North Islanders. There are direct flights available to Nelson from Wellington (AirNZ, Sounds Air, and Origin) and from Auckland (AirNZ only).