About George's Truffles:

George's Truffles is a small, truffle-obsessed, family-owned business based in Riwaka, New Zealand. We exclusively grow the world-renowned Black Périgord truffle (Tuber Melanosporum). 


Our truffle farm, or truffière, has a mix of 2,200 inoculated Oak and Hazel trees that were planted between 2009 and 2010. We have been successfully producing and finding truffles since 2016. That may not sound like a long time, but we've sure hit the ground running! Read more about Our truffière.   

What is a truffle?
There are many, many varieties of truffle that grow around the world - both naturally in the wild, and cultivated in truffières such as ours. One of the most commercially sought after and popular varieties is the Black Périgord - the truffle that we grow - which originates from the northern European basin of France, Italy, Spain and Croatia.
Truffles grow underground on the roots of certain trees in a symbiotic relationship. They have a very powerful, almost pungent aroma which makes them a delightfully unique delicacy. This aroma is by clever design so that in the wild, animals (including pigs) will find them, dig them up, eat them, and excrete their spores back into the ground - thus completing their beautiful circle of life! 

How do you farm truffles?
Obviously there is far more complexity to growing truffles than explained here, but in a nutshell truffles can be cultivated by inoculating the roots of certain trees (for example oaks and hazels) and planting them in favourable soil and climate conditions. Truffles are a mycorrhizal fungus that grow underground on these roots and fruit once a year. There are different truffles that mature at different times of the year - summer truffles and winter truffles among them. 
The Black Périgord truffle is a winter truffle which means that it matures and is ready for harvest in the winter months. The exact season depends on seasonal conditions and can vary earlier or later from year to year.


How do you find truffles?
Because the truffle grows underground they can be hard to find which is why pigs and dogs are used during truffle hunts to locate the truffles by scent. 
Here at George's Truffles we hold regular truffle hunts throughout the truffle season with our specially trained dogs. The process of digging up truffles can be long and complex (while still being extremely exciting and a hell of a lot of fun!) which is why truffles command a good price at market.
The best way to truly understand truffles and why they have the prestige that they do is to join the thrill of a truffle hunt and see it for yourself! We hope to offer this opportunity in the winter of 2021 so watch this space!
What makes George's Truffles the best? 
What makes George's Truffles so successful is the passion and love that we all have for truffles; eating truffles, smelling truffles, talking endlessly about truffles and most importantly...the love for the beautiful land that grows our truffle trees. It is this (sometimes obsessive!) love that drives our commitment to introduce more New Zealanders to this true delicacy via some excellent restaurant and hospitality providers. 
Interested? We thought so. Find out more about our truffièrehow to source George's Truffles for your restaurant contact us now to place an order or just have a chat or get some tips on cooking truffles at home.