Cooking with truffles. 

Sharing a meal with good friends and a side of fresh Black Périgord truffle is an incredibly special thing to do. Fresh truffle is actually very easy to enjoy at home and you can smarten up nearly any dish with just a few shaves here and there. 
Fresh truffle cannot be compared with truffle oils and other pasteurized truffle products you may have used or tried in the past. These are generally made with synthetic aromas and flavours and are nothing like the real thing! Fresh is key. Fresh is best.
So next time you're planning a bit of a social gathering, why not impress your guests with a few generous shavings of fresh Black Périgord truffle. 
How do I use fresh truffle in cooking?
The best way to use fresh truffle is to generously shave or grate it over a plate just before serving. The reason we suggest this is to ensure your food is warm when the truffle is added - this helps release its aroma. You should also try to use a specifically made truffle slicer as it ensures that your shavings are delicately thin and expose a large surface area of the truffle which gives you better aroma. 

How much truffle will I need?
The correct answer to this question is 'you need all the truffle you can get!' But a more realistic answer is that you would want to shave around 5g of truffle onto every plate. So, for example, if you had a table of ten people for three courses each, you would need around 150g. A 50g truffle is approximately the size of a golf ball. 

What are some dish suggestions that work best with fresh truffle?
Scrambled eggs or an omelette is one of the easiest and best ways to enjoy fresh truffle. Shave a generous amount of truffle (around 5g, or 4-5 shaves depending on the size of the truffle) over the dish just before serving. Wait, what? Truffles for breakfast? Hell yes!
Even better, place some of your truffle in a sealed container with the eggs you will be using overnight. The porousness of the eggs will absorb the aroma of the truffle and make your eggs even more truffley and delicious! 

Pasta dishes are delicious with fresh truffle. Keep it simple and use good quality ingredients -  try olive oil, parmesan and cracked pepper tossed through some fresh pasta and shave a generous amount of fresh truffle over the dish before serving. 

​Simple flavours and good quality ingredients again will work best here - a delicious mushroom risotto with good quality olive oil, mushroom stock and parmesan with fresh truffle shaved over the top just before serving. It actually doesn't get any better than that!